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The archipelago is a place of great potential to serve as objects of tourism, especially diving tourism. Raja Ampat Islands waters according to various sources, is one of the 10 best waters for diving sites around the world. In fact, it may also be recognized as number one for the completeness of flora and fauna under the water at this time.

Dr John Veron, coral expert from the Australian experience, for example, in a site he revealed, the Raja Ampat Islands located in the westernmost tip of the island of Papua, about 50 miles northwest of Sorong, has the best reef areas in Indonesia. Approximately 450 species of coral had been identified during the two weeks of research in the area.

Raja Ampat

Team of experts from Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, and the National Oceanographic Institutions (LON) Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has made rapid assessment in 2001 and 2002. The result, they are recorded in these waters there are more than 540 hard coral species (75% of the total species in the world), more than 1,000 species of reef fish, 700 types of mollusks, and the highest record for gonodactyloid stomatopod crustaceans. This makes 75% of the world's coral species are in Raja Ampat. No one place in the same area has a number of these coral species.
will you come to Indonesian Tourism we are have many culture in that

There are some reefs are still very good condition with the percentage of live corals closing up 90%, ie in the Dampier Strait (the strait between P. and P. Waigeo Batanta), Kofiau Islands, Islands and South East Misool Wayag Islands. Types of coral reefs in Raja Ampat coral reefs are generally the contour of the edge of steep ramps up. But also the type found in the atoll and the type of burning or taka. In some places like the village Saondarek, when the lowest tides, can be seen without any stretch of coral reef diving and the adaptation itself, the rock can still be alive despite being in the open air and direct sunlight.

Raja Ampat diving is Indonesian Tourism Favorite

Unique species that can be found at the time of diving are some of the pigmy seahorse species or mini kudalaut, wobbegong and manta ray. There is also a fish endemic to the Raja Ampat, namely Eviota king, the kind of fish gobbie. Manta point in supernal Arborek Dampier straits, you can dive in the company of a few tame Manta Ray like when you dive in Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan. If you dive at Cape Kri or Chicken Reef, you can be surrounded by thousands of fish. Sometimes a collection of tuna, giant trevallies and snappers. But a tense, if we are surrounded by a collection of barracuda fish, even though it was relatively harmless (which is dangerous if we see barracuda solitary or alone). Reef sharks are also frequently seen, and if lucky you can see the turtles were still eating sponge or swim around you. In some places like the Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo also seen Dugong or sea cow.

Because the area of many islands and narrow straits, so most dive sites at a particular time has a fast current. This allows also for the drift dive, dive, following a strong current with a very clear water with the fish through the collection. There are also relics of the plane sank into the Second World War can be found in some dive sites make a good place to wreck dive as in P. Wai. And many more reef sites that actually had never touched. This makes diving in Raja Ampat was more challenging.


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Prambanan temple is incredibly beautiful building built in the 10th century during the reigns of two kings, and Rakai Rakai Pikatan Balitung. Rose as high as 47 feet (5 meters higher than Borobudur temple), the establishment of this temple has fulfilled the desire maker, shows the triumph of Hinduism in Java. This temple is located 17 kilometers from the city center, in the middle of the area that is now a beautiful park.

Prambanan Past

There is a legend that Javanese people always tell about this temple. Once, a man named Bandung Bondowoso loved Roro Jonggrang. Because no love, Jonggrang asked Bondowoso make 1000 temples with statues in one night. The request was nearly fulfilled before Jonggrang asked the villagers to pound rice and make a big fire that created an atmosphere like the morning. New Bondowoso can make 999 statues cursed Jonggrang into the statue in 1000 because he felt cheated.

Prambanan Glory

Prambanan temple has 3 main temples in the main yard, namely Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. These three temples are symbols of Trimurti in Hindu belief. All of them face east. Each main temple has accompanying temple facing to the west, namely Nandini for Shiva, Swan to Brahma, and Garuda for Vishnu. In addition, there are still squeeze 2 temple, the temple curtain 4, and 4 corner temples. Meanwhile, the second page had 224 temples.

Entering the Shiva temple located in the middle and the highest building, you will find a room 4. One main room contains a statue of Shiva, while the other 3 rooms each containing a statue of Durga (Shiva's wife), Agastya (Shiva's teacher), and Ganesha (Shiva's son). Durga is mentioned as the statue of Roro Jonggrang described in the legend above.

In the Vishnu temple is located in the north of Shiva temple, you will only see one room containing a statue of Vishnu. Similarly, the Brahma temple located on the south side of Shiva temple, you will only find one room with a statue of Brahma.

Accompanying temple is Garuda temple lure is located near the Vishnu temple. This temple save the story of a half-bird figure named Garuda. Garuda is a mystical bird in Hindu mythology, who was gold, white-faced, red-winged, beaked and winged like an eagle. Estimated, the figure is Hindu adaptation of Bennu figure (means 'rises' or 'shine', usually associated with the god Re) in ancient Egyptian mythology or Phoenix in Old Greek mythology. Garuda can save his mother from the curse of Aruna (Garuda's brother who was born handicapped) by stealing Tirta Amrita (holy water of the gods).

Temukan rahasia kaya lewat internet

The ability to save was admired by many people until now and used for various purposes. Indonesia used it to sign the state. That said, the creator of the emblem of Garuda Pancasila find inspiration in this temple. Other countries also use it to sign the country is Thailand, with the same reason but adaptation forms and different appearance. In Thailand, Garuda is known as Pha recruited or recruited.


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Regional Tour Gili Island Lombok, highlights in the middle of Ocean Pearl

Indeed the word itself means Gili small islands with white sand and the enchantment of swaying palm trees in the middle of the ocean. Small islands pretty is located in the north west coast of this island.
Indonesian Tourism can make you happy will you have many times to visited
Surely a long time these islands became a magnet for most tourists in the world both foreign and locally because of the clean sea water, an ideal place for water sports lovers (let's call it diving and snorkeling), and a quiet place to vacation.
Ideally, these islands are offered for both beginner divers and professional, and beach holiday lovers who want to bask in the hot sun. Walking along the white sandy beach and not uncommon when you do not find the vehicle two or four wheels on this island, a form of transportation that you can enjoy a scoop Cidomo and bicycles.

Gili is also a coral island with low levels of rainfall and vegetation. Perhaps the weather is too hot when compared to the mainland. In other words, the amount of sunlight is very high throughout the year although the rainy season on the island of Lombok. The majority of water drawn from wells, if not, will be sent from the mainland. Be prepared for salt water bath in the majority of small hotels, but the major hotels have been providing clean water.

Gili Island offers a variety of restaurants, bars and five-star hotel accommodation, especially in Gili Trawangan. While facilities and internet phone services are available plus all other facilities for travelers. Only a bank or an ATM not exist except star hotels accept credit card payments.

Gili Air
Nearest island inhabited by the majority of local people and very quickly accessible from the three island dyke. The island has a turtle hatchery and also good for snorkeling, especially from the east and northeast coastal areas. In the southern part of the island has several convenient locations to play surf when conditions allow, also offers simple accommodation, restaurants, and places of quiet and comfortable.


Tenggarong, Kabupaten Kutai Kartanegara : Kumala Island is an area on the Mahakam River delta which extends on the western side of City Tenggarong, Kutai Kartanegara. Beginning in 2000 built into the Jade Island Tourism Region.
Tourism Object Kumala Island is located in the middle of the Mahakam River Recreation Park is a blend of Modern Technology and Traditional Culture. The island of 76 hectares of this land was once the bed and shrubs. Currently, most areas are equipped with various facilities such as the Sky Tower as high as 100 meters to enjoy the beauty of the air, Mini Railway Train game area and a connecting Hanging with the mainland.

On this island there DSJ Resort complete with swimming pool and facilities for those who want to rest, which was the only cottage in the middle of the Mahakam River in the location of this island prepared for the Fish Aquarium Giant Irrawaddy Dolphin, Dolphin Fresh Water that exist only in China and Brazil .

Development Kumala Island Park will be completed gradually and will continue to grow. Thus the public will have additional attractions besides representative Mulawarman Museum (former Royal palace Kukar), Panji Sukarame Basin, Pondok Labu Village Culture in Tenggarong and Nusa Muara Tuna on white sandy MUNTAI.

Kumala Island Park is about 27 km from Kota Samarinda that can be done through the Bridge Kukar 1 within approximately 30 minutes. While the city of Balikpapan which has facilities Sepinggan Airport and Harbor, which is access Semayang air and sea transportation in East Kalimantan, Located approximately 130 km that can be pursued Less Over 3 hours by land. In addition Kumala Island Park can also be reached by water transport through the Mahakam River.


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Likewise, women don't wear terribly much clothes. Just a skirt, entirely made of natural materials will do. It is the women's duty to carry out the heavy work on the fields. Observe the nuke, typical cloak-like bark string bags, carried half over the head. Heavily loaded with cabbage, sweet potatoes and sago, they resemble a blanket. A woman covered in river mud, is in grief. A less innocent way to show mourning, is finger amputation, a fate that only women will befall. Despite serious efforts of the government to halt this practice, they continue being reported occasionally.

Jayawijaya Peak, a roaring mountain is permanently covered with snow, despite its location on the equator. We'll quite never forget meeting an awful-looking Dani, bearing the tusk of a wild pig at the tip of his nose. Despite their groovy looks, these are quite gentle people, shaking your hand politely and always having time for a small chat.

The Baliem Valley remains one of the most fascinating places on the planet, where man may confront it its prehistoric past. But even in the remotest of area. Civilization is seeping through and will not be kept at bay. Maybe the time is right to visit the wild beauty of the Baliem Valley and its remarkable people,


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A Tour of Duty in North Sulawesi

The port town of Bitung with its fine natural harbour protected by the adjacent island of Lembeh is the centre for shipbuilding and maintenance as well as commercial fishing. Also, since the harbour in Manado silted up, large ships now all call into Bitung, including some of the magnificent passenger cruise-liners. The town itself has a quaint provincial charm and is distinguished by its 12m replica of the Eiffel Tower at one of the roundabout intersections leading into town. Apparently the unusual monument was built by a previous mayor who had studied in Paris in his earlier years, and was built as a testament of his love for the "City of Lights".Take a boat ride across and down the Lembeh Strait and you’ll come across an equally odd and intriguing monument; the Trikora Monument. Constructed in the 70s this mammoth structure towering some 100 meters into the sky was built to celebrate the success of the Indonesian military’s campaign in Irian Jaya. With an enormous Monaslike tower flanked by two annexes which look something like robotic flowers in bloom, the inside wall which encircles the base of the monument shows scenes of recruiting soldiers and then sending them off to war.Attached to the monument has been mounted an old DC3 aircraft that was used in the military campaign. A ladder on one side provides access inside where you can go and sit in the cockpit and live out your fantasy of being a fighter pilot – bring your own sound effects. This is a popular hangout for local kids.You can’t mention Bitung and Lembeh without mentioning the diving in Lembeh Strait. Relatively unknown compared to Bunaken, Lembeh has fast developed a reputation as being the place for muck. That may sound disgusting but allow me to explain. The sheltered straits form a kind of bottleneck in the surrounding sea, which has led to an abundance of plankton. This siltybottomed strait therefore doesn’t have the same spectacular coral walls of Bunaken but it does mean that the conditions are just right for serious divers to see a menagery of weird and wonderful creatures up close that they rarely, if ever, get to see anywhere else. Creatures with weird descriptive names that conjure up all sorts of strange images are common here – the ornate ghost pipefish, neon coloured nudibranchs (a kind of seaslug), mimic octopuses and flamboyant cuttlefish, as well as the diminutive pygmy seahorse and the aptly named frogfish can all be seen hiding among the crevices of the Lembeh Strait. Several dive resorts have been built here and offers easy, direct access to Lembeh, without the need for the long boat ride from Manado for day-trippers.


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Kuta start known when traders from Denmark to open trade offices here. Trade relations between the representatives involved in trade with the original population and growing very rapidly.New start in 1930 a pair of husband and wife origin California United States is very impressed with the beauty of the Kuta beach that time is not touchable human intervention, alias still natural. Kuta Beach Hotel is the first hotel that stands in this area, but I have to be closed because of the Japanese invade island of Bali at the time. In 1960 when many tourists who have to stop in Australia in Bali for a trip to Europe, the more famous Kuta start again. In its development, the more interesting areas of Kuta visit the tourists not only from Australia, but also from many other parts of the world.Stand fast with the various hotels along the coastal area of Kuta. Usually hotels dikawasan this international or at least an international hotel group. From the beginning of the end of the Kuta beach there is a B each Inna Kuta Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Mercure Hotel, etc.. Also stands a very comfortable lodging a stylish boutique resort that is KulKul Nature Boutique Resort.Time in the most bustling Kuta beach areas is in the afternoon or at sunset (sunset). All foreign tourists whether local or gathered into one here. Moreover, there are special moments, moments in the country, such as school holidays, vacation Lebaran Idul Fitri holidays or new year, can be ascertained that the crowd becomes.
In Kuta beach visitors can make surfing, playing soccer, playing kites, fall down just in the warm beach sand, or wash the eyes see the bule sunbathing tourists. If interested in the service cowlick hair or making temporary tattoo, it can also be obtained at this beach.
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Kuta is a former fishing village, it was one of the first towns on Bali to see substantial tourist development, and as a beach resort remains one of Indonesia’s major tourist destinations. It is known internationally for its long sandy beach, varied accommodation, many restaurants and bars, and convenience to Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport.In the early ’70’s surfers, hippies and adventurous travelers made it to Kuta Beach, with its perfect coastline, simple guest houses and bamboo warungs. In the early days there were few creature comforts for visitors, with rice, fish and fruit making up a large part of the diet. Cooking oil was also a luxury, so coconut oil was used, giving the food a less than delicate flavour. Pork fat could be substituted, although not entirely the healthy was to go.In the early days of Kuta tourism a few enterprising people set up warungs to serve the growing tourist market. Among the most successful were Made’s Warung (Jl. Pantai Kuta) and Poppies Restaurant (off of Poppies I), both still in business. Another long time favourite is TJ’s (Poppies I), owner Jean starting out with a vegetarian restaurant and moving to Mexican food in 1984. Kuta is now the center of an extensive tourist-oriented urban area that merges into the neighboring towns. Legian, to the north, is the commercial hub of Kuta and the site of many restaurants and entertainment spots. Most of the area’s big beach-front hotels are in the southern section of Tuban.Legian and Seminyak are northern extensions of Kuta along Jl. Legian and Jl. Seminyak. They are somewhat quieter suburbs with cottage-style accommodations, where many of the expat crowd live. Also to the north are Petitenget, Berawa, Canggu, and Seseh - new and quieter continuations of Kuta’s beach. They are easy to reach through Abian Timbul or Denpasar and Kerobokan. Several large hotels are located in this area: the Oberoi Bali, Hard Rock Hotel Bali, the Intan Bali Village, the Legian in Petitenget, the Dewata Beach and the Bali Sani Suites in Berawa. To the south, Kuta Beach extends beyond the airport into Jimbaran.Kuta is just 2 miles from Ngurah Rai airport in Tuban, making it an ideal first night for many visitors. An airport taxi might cost around 25,000rp, dropping you in the Poppies Lane / Benesari area, with a choice of budget / mid-range accommodation. After the 2002 Sari Club / Paddy’s Bar bombing, Kuta’s nightlife hit the skids. Seminyak seemed to be charging ahead with new bars opening, some of which were conspicuously open at the front, allowing easy escape should there be another bombing. Kuta’s location however meant that was due for a rebound, so with MBarGo, Hook, The Wave, the new Paddy’s, Sky Lounge and other venues, Kuta is a strong contender for nightlife action.One of the fun ways to check out the neighborhoods in Bali, including Kuta is by using This site allows you to zoom in and out and check out the area. You might spot a few places you’ve been before. Kuta may not look like the French Riviera, but real estate is worth top dollar. In fact most landowners in Kuta will not sell, realizing that times may change, but the location will always mean business. Some long term expats still live in the Tuban, Kuta, Legian area, feeling at home with neighborhood and comfortable living close to the friends they have developed over the years. Kuta may not be paradise, but it is not the hell hole some travellers make it out to be.


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